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    T&P Tavern - Commercial
    The T & P Tavern was originally built as a diner and adjoining news stand in the 1930's. Then called "THE TOWERS DINER" , the diner was part of the historic T & P Railway Station, that now serves as the last west-bound stop on the TRE ( Trinity Railway Express ) that connects to the DART system in Dallas, TX. Preserved with utmost care, remnants of the zig-zag, art-deco architecture can be seen throughout the building. The T & P Tavern has undergone extensive renovation, while preserving the original look and craftsmanship of the old building. The Tavern specializes in craft beer and always has a variety available with 24 taps. With plenty of parking always available, T&P Tavern is a great place to hang out with friends and family! If you would like to host an event at T&P Tavern, please email Brad@tptavern.com.
    Gerard Pechal
    Upload Date:
    February 13, 2013
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DFWNL.com is looking for Photographers