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  • Bill Murray Can Crash Here!
    by Jennie Novak
    Bill Murray Can Crash Here!

    Rumor has it that Bill Murray is on a party crashing tour (of sorts) in the USA stopping off in cities, and stopping in at places advertising "Bill Murray Can Crash Here! signs"  


    Fort Worth is expecting Mr. Murray to arrive on September 8th, and The Wherehouse is going to do everything in their power to lure his majesty to their dwellings.


    They are creating massive art installations, and of course creating a "Bill Murray Can Crash Here" sign of what I can only imagine to be of the enormous variety.


    That night there will be amazing things going on inside The Wherehouse where we will await with fingers crossed for our chance to have Suntory Time with him.

    Gunga Galunga (a namesake of a little Bill Murray movie called Caddyshack) will be playing as well as:


    The Hanna Barbarians

    Epic Ruins

    Fungi Girls

    Oil Boom

    The Longshots


    $12 cover

    Doors @ 8pm

    Full bar

    Do not miss an oppurtunity to have THE coolest story to rub in everyone's face.

DFWNL.com is looking for Photographers